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Natural fires occurring periodically are referred to as "fire cycles". Ponderosa pine fire scar indicating the fire cycles as pointed out by Robert Steele, Conifer Ecologist. Boise Research Natural Area, Idaho, USA.  Photo Fire Scar 1994 by Melody Steele


Wildfire Eagle Cap Wilderness at Scotch Cr Sept 1987 dpi80.JPG (53402 bytes) This was two days after a wildfire swept the forest. Subalpine fir forest in Eagle Cap Wilderness, Oregon, USA. Photo Wildfire 1987 by Melody Steele
ponderoa planting Kirkham Burn Lowman ID 1992 dpi80.BMP.JPG (26537 bytes) Ponderosa pine tree seedlings are planted in after the Lowman Burn of 1989. The Lowman wildfire raced over 45,000 acres. The planting program accomplished 25,000 acres of reforestation of the Boise National Forest, Idaho, USA. Photo Planting 1992 by Melody Steele



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