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Larchdpi40.JPG (122446 bytes) This is a deciduous (loses its foliage in the winter) conifer. Alpine larch in the Enchantment Wilderness, Washington,USA. Photo Larch 1987 by Melody Steele
This is a deciduous tree that has lost its leaves. California Black Oak between Pt.Reyes and Petaluma, California, USA. Photo Oak 1984 by Melody Steele
Western hemlock Octupus Grove Patrict's Pt CA Mar84 dpi80.JPG (46323 bytes) These trees sprouted on a fallen log hundreds of years ago. Now the "nursery log" has decomposed and the roots are suspended in the air. Sitka spruce at the Octopus Grove on Patrick's Point, California, USA. Photo Sitka Spruce 1984 by Melody Steele
The tallest tree in the world is a Coast Redwood named 'Mendocino Tree'. A new height record was recently recorded of 367.5 feet tall. The tree is in Mendocino County, California, USA. Photo Coast Redwood 1984 by Melody Steele
General_Sherman_tripYomie_dpi80_circa1985dpi40.JPG (56900 bytes)
The largest living thing on earth is a Giant Sequoia named General Sherman. It is in Sequoia National Park, California, USA, Planet Earth Photo Sequoia 1985 by Melody Steele
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